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As New Zealand’s leading organisation in the field of dyslexia, DFNZ is part of an international framework of dyslexia expertise and innovation. The individuals and organisations below have provided critical information and support to DFNZ’s work here in New Zealand. To explore the very latest thinking and advances in dyslexia we encourage visiting these excellent international sites.

The Yale Centre for Dyslexia and Creativity

Dr Sally Shaywitz, Co-Director of Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, is focused on uncovering hidden strengths and abilities of dyslexics. Her research provides the conceptual model, epidemiology and neurobiology for the scientific study of dyslexia. With husband and research partner Dr Bennett Shaywitz, she originated the “Sea of Strengths” model of dyslexia which emphasizes strengths of higher critical thinking and creativity found in children and adults who are dyslexic. She is also the author of over 200 scientific articles, chapters and books.

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Neil Mackay

An international dyslexia consultant to governments in countries as diverse as UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait and Malta, Neil Mackay was a key contributor to DFNZ’s 4D programme. His book Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement sets out best practice for educators looking to improve outcomes for dyslexic students. His June 2009 workshops throughout New Zealand will provide hands-on support and training for teachers and support staff at the frontlines of education.

For more details go to: www.actiondyslexia.co.uk

Xtraordinary People

High profile UK lobbyist Kate Griggs formed this organisation to unite various British dyslexia charities in support of her campaign to get teachers trained to recognise dyslexia and provide effective support. The website celebrates the extraordinary things that dyslexic people can do when provided with the right support. It features contributions from successful dyslexic people such as Sir Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Orlando Bloom and Robbie Williams, as well as profiles of other famous dyslexics and their achievements.

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Tom West

Tom West is affiliated with the Krasnov Institute for Advanced Study in Virginia, United States. The Institute specializes in research in cognitive psychology, neurobiology, artificial intelligence and complex adaptive systems. Tom West is focused on the special talents of dyslexics and has been involved in developing computer graphic and visualization tools to assess these talents.  Author of two acclaimed books – In the Mind’s Eye and Thinking Like Einstein – Tom’s research looks at the ways in which dyslexic thinking benefits the workplace and the economy. He also explores the valuable contributions made by dyslexics to the worlds of science, medicine and technology.

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British Dyslexia Association

A pioneering UK organisation which aims to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society. The BDA advocates a “No to Failure” approach in British schools, focused on early identification and support for dyslexic learners. The BDA also provides support for dyslexics in the workplace and recently launched its first Dyslexia and Employment Handbook – for adults, parents, employers and HR managers. The BDA website has a comprehensive About Dyslexia page with useful resources for dyslexic individuals and parents, including information on education and computer products.

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