• Set your class the Dyslexia Discovery Challenge and promote understanding and acceptance of dyslexia.

There's an old proverb that says to really understand others you need to walk a mile in their shoes. And this Dyslexia Awareness Week we're giving you and your class an opportunity to do just that!

Transport yourself into the shoes of world-class engineer John Britten who designed and built the V1000 Superbike, Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop and Lord of the Rings fame, and other gifted picture thinkers. Hear the voice of "Inner Struggle", one of the Weta Workshop creations at the Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit in Christchurch.

Learn about those who overcame the challenge of dyslexia and went on to inspire others to do the same.

Dyslexia - Blessing in disguise in this year's theme and we're focusing on recognising the creative gift that dyslexia can bring.

• The Creativity Challenge is easy
- we've even provided the recipe!

1. Listen to the CD
- its only 7 minutes  

2. Discuss it with your students - what do they make of John and Richard's
experiences? Do  they know anyone with dyslexia? What is imagination?
How do they describe it? What do they  do with it?  

3. Motivate them to create something relevant inspired by the class discussion  

4. Empower their creativity - dare them to dream  

5. Share and celebrate the outcomes!


Look out for the Dyslexia Discovery Creativity Challenge CD in the free DAW Resource Kits that are being delivered to all New Zealand schools in the first week of Term 2.

The Dyslexia Discovery Creativity Challenge CD is enclosed in every DAW Resource Kit. The soundtrack is the voice of "Inner Struggle" that plays at the Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit.

> Click here to listen

For inspiration, check out Mackenzie Thorpe's artwork, the story of John Britten, the insights of Ron Davis, and what Richard Taylor and the Weta Workshop team get up to.

> View a CTV article about the exhibit - Click here